About Us

Student Rooms was created to meet the accommodation needs of local, interstate and international students, particularly those looking for an affordable, value-for-money value option.

With the rising cost of real estate in Australia, there’s increased pressure on the rental property market. Universities and colleges are mostly located in city centres, and to rent accommodation close by can be very expensive. Housing has become less and less affordable, particularly for people in training programs, studying or those beginning their careers. Young people in this category often find it financially challenging to rent or buy their own house or apartment within a reasonable distance to where they need to be for work or study.


Student Rooms is focused on providing accommodation just for these young people. The houses Student Rooms supply are safe, affordable, fully-furnished and close by to universities, colleges and hubs where young people need to live.


Of course there are traditional inner-suburb or city-based apartments, or even purpose built student accommodation towers in the city. Often these are high-quality options. One issue with them is the cost – they are simply unaffordable for many people, and don’t necessarily represent good value-for-money. Students have more important things to focus on than expensive rental apartments – such as getting on with study.


So how do we know what sort of accommodation students need…?  Student Rooms founder, Glen, spent five years working for each of Adelaide’s three major universities. He spent two years in the Business schools at UniSA and the University of Adelaide – teaching and engaging with students from all over the world. He also spent time teaching students as a visiting lecturer in Malaysia and Hong Kong. He then worked as a university recruitment executive, traveling around Australia and the world to promote tertiary education in South Australia. Along the way he counseled and guided literally thousands of students through the various student accommodation options in Adelaide. Through also visiting dozens of student accommodation providers overseas he gained a thorough understanding of what makes for a great place for a student to live. It was evident there was a gap in the student accommodation sector – for affordable, safe shared student housing. Glen also had experience in property, construction, development and housing renovations.


So the combined knowledge of what students need in their housing, as well as property industry experience means that Student Rooms delivers quality, affordable housing options.