Current Housemate – common questions:

I received a SMS stating my rent failed, what do I do now ?

Please contact us on 7070 2560 or via SR 24/7 to organise payment of the overdue rent.

I have a complaint about something:

Submit a new SR 24/7 request outlining your complaint and include as much information ( eg: pictures or videos so we get a better understanding of the issue) and we will attend to this with a matter of urgency.

I need to change my account details.

Please e-mail us requesting a change of account form. We will mail this out to you with a reply paid envelope and have this changed for you.

I have an issue with a current housemate, how can this be resolved?

Submit a new SR 24/7 request outlining your complaint and we will attend to this with urgency. We pride ourselves on having good housemates so you feel comfortable at all times and will treat the issue with privacy and sensitivity.

I want to renew my lease, how can I do this?

Call us or come into the office – we can arrange to email you an electronic lease renewal you can sign from your computer!

My lease is ending, what do I do now?

Please let us know that you are ending your lease 30 days prior to the end of the fixed term (written on your lease contract).

When will my final account be completed and my bond returned ?

We complete final accounts within 21 days of you vacating the property, returning your keys and providing us with your bank account details in which you would like your refund to be returned to. If there are any repairs or excessive cleaning to complete this can delay the process.