Helping the Environment


At Student Rooms we are working towards more sustainable environmental practices and encourage all our students to live with sustainability in mind.

Saving Energy

  • Use of energy efficient light bulbs*
  • New purpose built dwellings are to include solar panels and energy saving ‘heat pump’ hot water systems*
  • We discourage the use of electric clothes dryers in our share houses to promote air-drying
Saving Energy

Saving Water

  • Installation of water saving toilet systems*
  • Fitting water efficient shower heads*
  • We encourage taker shorter showers and turning off tap when brushing your teeth
Save water image

Reducing Waste

  • We encourage the use of designated recycling bins – with four waste and recycling bins at most locations.
  • Use op-shops or sites like Gumtree and Freecycle to re-home unwanted household items from clothes, furniture, electronics etc.
  • Try purchasing in bulk to reduce to need for excess packaging
Reducing waste


  • Every Student Rooms site is located in close proximity to rapid public transport options for example Go Zones, train or tram stations or the O-Bahn busway system. This means our housemates can us existing public transport, help reduce their environmental footprint and save money on transport costs
  • Many Student Rooms locations are close to bicycle trails to get to the city or University campuses. We have a number of car-free households. Our housemates average only 1 car per 9 people living with Student Rooms – due largely to the transport oriented locations we specifically choose
  • We encourage our housemates to also make use of share car systems, such as Go-get car share.
Go get car

Food Share

  • Food share – many of our houses have fruit trees and we encourage our housemates to share fruits with there friends or using food-sharing websites like Ripenearme
Fruit Picking

Note: Only applicable to our newly developed properties.